Sell "THE FOURTH", (Documentary)

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InsiteMedia Producing Center, 2005
Director: Evgen Zabolotnyy
Producers: Alla Ovsyannikova, Andriy Suyarko
DVD,56 min.


The ninth of December, 1997 at the Kiev Research Centre Of Quantum Medicine Otklic (+Response;) under the direction of the professors S. P. Sitko was registered non-equilibrium component electromagnetic radiations of the person for the first time in the world.

Experimentally was determine and immediately proved of a human organism selectively is proved unknown earlier to perceive low level electromagnetic radiation in a cross-section range of waves by the certain zones of a skew field - + by points of acupuncture ;.

This film is very intimate and may be surrealistic story, in which we want to show a path of the person from physics  nuclear engineering to the scientist. His discovery has led him to understanding the God. This film is enlightenment and revelation because found knowledge of our hero is an enlightenment of all mankind new sight on the world.

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