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Pumpkin polysaccharide

First, the raw material selects
Chaoyang Dadi Agricultural Products Processing Co. , Ltd selects high quality is pure naturally, the pure green pumpkinpowder takes the raw material,

Second, processing craft The pumpkin polysaccharide production technical process is:
South the dried melons powder -> gentrifugalism -> goes to the protein-> dialysis -> ethyl alcohol to precipitate -> the dry -> pumpkinpolysaccharide

Third, product explanation
1st, nutrition ingredient The pumpkin polysaccharide is the our company and the nationalrelated scientific research department cooperation development, thisproduct examines the purity after the authoritative department toachieve above 95% (polysaccharide) . Through the scientific analysis, is by the D- glucose, the D- galactose, the L- Arab, the sugar, thexylose and the D racemic acid aldehyde is composed, its mole of ratiois 0.181: 0.083: 0.069: 0.031: 0.175 obtains its molecular weight for1.6W104.
2nd, function In the pharmacology experiment, the pumpkin polysaccharidetake 500g/kg and the 1000g/kg dosage for the medicine, the diabetesbig mouse insulin secretion weighs out as 105.3 mu IU/ml, 100.4 muIU/ml, the model group is 625 mu IU/ml, the empty stomach blood sugarvalue respectively is 227.7 mb/di: 2,384 mb/di, the model group is426.2mb/di can remarkably stimulate the insulin by this proof pumpkinpolysaccharide the secretion to reduce the empty stomach blood sugarthe water to comment, has the promotion single nucleus macrophage toswallow the function, strengthens function which the organism protectsoneself. The pumpkin polysaccharide may cause [ NIDPM ] II diabetespatient meal latter two hours blood sugars to drop the totaleffectiveness to reach 86%, the empty stomach blood sugar drops thetotal effectiveness to reach above 70%. In the polysaccharide includesactive principle CTY may increase in the pancreas cell the GIUT-Zprotein content promotion insulin secretion, can the effective controland the assistance treats disease and so on nephrosis, heart, liversickness, hypertension and high blood fats, vision which the diabetescauses, thus causes the blood sugar as for after meal suddenly not torise, simultaneously also lightened the insulin burden, therefore thecontrol and the treatment has the good function to the diabetes, improves the stomach function, adjustment endocrine disorders, theenhancement immunity health care.
3rd, use The pumpkin polysaccharide widely uses in profession and so onfood, drugs, healthy product, the scientific group matches microproduct and so on capsule drugs, function food, food additive, is bythe sugar (polysaccharide) gram " Sugar " The medicine foodhomology prevention and the assistance treat for the 21st century thebrand-new ideas.
4th, characteristic The pumpkin polysaccharide color is red brown, the solidshape, may dissolve to the water, after enters the water for the netsolid shape, may drink for a long time uses, not to have any poisonousside effect.

Habitat: Liaoning Kazuo County
Packing: Paper box inside lining plastic bag
Packing size: 46cmW31cmW25 cm
Supplies goods the ability: 20 tons
Preserve method: The preservation is dry to the lowtemperature place, the use finished immediately the seal.
uarantees the nature time: 4 years
FOB Price of Dalian: USD222363/tons
Supply Capacity
10tons Units Per Month
Available Colors
Red brown
Condition of Goods
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