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Cradle Furnace

* Wide range of baking, Applicable for baking of different foods, such as mooncake, bread of multiple layers, biscuit, toast, cake, hamburger, refections, etc.
* Large baking capacity. Processing catering to customers' demand: 24-disc and 36-disc type. (Disc size: 720x460) ;
* 24-disc and 36-disc type.
* Good baking effect, colour with clear separation.
* Saving fuel costs. Olympia burner imported from Japan with low oil consumption and low exhaust emission.
* Safe. Air-light built-in IC micro-computer control with alarm and anti-explosive system.
* Solid and durable with low trouble rate with stainless steel materials and electronic organs imported from Japan.
* Easy operation and labour saving.
* With the equipments of cell, the machine can work continually for one hour in time of no electricity, which reduces the lost of customers most.
* For more informations, please feel free to contact us.

* Model: SM-Y24C; SM-Y36C
* Yield: 24Dishes; 36Dishes (Disc size: 720x460)
* Dimension Size: 3200x300x2460; 4140x300x2460
* Voltage: 380V; 380V
* Power: 1.2kW; 1.4kW
* Heating Method: Diesel, Elec-Power, Gas for choice
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SM-Y24C; SM-Y36C
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