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This kind of massage bed can be used in therapy and modality, especially
can eliminate body fatigue, relieve muscle and body aches and also make sleep
and health quality improved.
Model: PLD-6018E+ / PLD-6018F+

Internal Projector & Far-Infrared
Adjustable Internal Projector is designed to deliver maximum benefit to the user by adjusting to different types of weights of the user. The jade roller tilts either diagonally or horizontally to ensure the safety and the maximum comfort of the user.
The far-infrared is controllable, keep fit for the back part and supply the thermal heating treatment.

Auto Electric Height Control
The Product Frame can be auto adjusted to inclination angles from 0-45 degrees to suit your physical condition, body characteristics or depending on which part of the body you use the product for. It is the latest feature of the massage bed.

LCD Muti-Function Color Remote Control
Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. LCD Color panel is more popular. With functions: Back Automatic, Back Manual, Back Angle Adjustment, Infrared, Back Projector, Handheld Projector, Temperature Adjustment, Leg Automatic(PLD-6018F+) , Leg Manual(PLD-6018F+) .

Five-Ball and Eleven-Ball External Projector
The Five-Ball and Eleven-Ball Projector comes with ergonomic design features that minimize heat and Far-Infrared Ray loss, and may be conveniently used on any part of human body.

Magnetism Piece
The black magnetism piece is good for the spondyle, especially to the old people.

Tourmanium Ceramic Heater Mat ( PLD-6018E+)
This feature is at the leg part and only with the model: PLD-6018E+.
This special, auxiliary mat of Tourmanium Ceramic composition is used for enhanced heat treatment as well as for the benefits of healthful Far-Infrared Ray generation.

Jade Projector of the Leg Part (PLD-6018F+)
This feature is at the leg part and only with the model: PLD-6018F+. Adjustable 4 group Jade Internal Projector like the back parta??s effect.
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