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VoiceGuard Solution for VoIP Anti-Blockade
1. Overview
Yahoo messenger, Skype, Microsoft Messenger and Vonage offer a subscriber the ability to "call" someone using Softphone / ATA / Gateway / IP Phone / IAD. However, several ISPs are blocking or degrading this service in order to force a consumer to use a ISP sponsored service. States such as the UAE block this technology outright while US corporations, such as Clearwire, claim that they might degrade the quality of competing services by adding choppy and delayed services.
SpeedVoIP is a leader in circumventing VoIP blocking imposed by ISP or Telco. For vision of Net Neutrality, VoiceGuard?is created to address a growing number of ISPs who either degrade or block voice services over their networks. VoiceGuard?gives choice back to the subscribers or customers of ITSP.
2. Technology
VGCP(Voice Guard Control Protocol)
VGCP is a proprietary layer 2 link protocol working at between IP stack and nic driver for VoIP anti-blocking. The core patent-pending VGCP is industry's most state-of-the-art voice service provider class security protocol whose scalability and flexibility results in not to compromise voice quality and overhead. VGCP controls and monitors full voice signaling and media flow intelligently, meanwhile disguises sip and rtp packets into normal allowed data packets such as DNS and TFTP, and makes two-way encryption and decryption driven by user-customized policy. VGCP is fully transparent to upper SIP proxy or UA which means VoiceGuard?can work with any 3rd-party Softphone / ATA / Gateway / IP Phone / IADs and SIP proxy or server not like some competitors which take effect on their own device and softswitch.
Due to unique architecture, when deploying VoiceGuard?Border Controller(VGBC) at customer CPE side, VGBC can work in the way similar to that of soho router, but it only encrypts and decrypts SIP and RTP packets on link layer, not to handup these packets to IP stack for forwarding while bypassing other data packets originating from SIP terminals. In this scenario, peak throughput and minimal CPU overhead can be easily achieved.
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