Sell • Supply Self-Regulating Heating Cable for Solo Energy Water Heater’s Heat Tracing

•	Supply Self-Regulating Heating Cable for Solo Energy Water Heater’s Heat Tracing You May Also Be Interested In: binding strip heating cable regulating heating cable self heating self regulating heating cable
JH S series are Self-Regulating Heating Cable for civil use, which are very much fit for the heat tracing and preventing frostbite of solo energy water heaters in-and-out water pipe. The characteristics of this series of products are: tolerated temperature 105:C, safe flame retardant, low start-up current, more than 5 years use longevity, without power attenuation in long-term electrifying. JH S series Self-Regulating Heating Cables Application Process and Installation Cautions are as following:
1. Laying Electrothermal Cable on or twisting around the up-water pipe or down-water pipe, and fixes with binding strip or Aluminum Adhesive Tape, to make cable firmly attached on water pipe.
2. Using heat contractive tubes or waterproof insulation strips to implement the waterproof and insulation measures on the terminals.
3. Power supply wire access into indoors location along the water pipe, should equip with creepage protector. If possible, choosing Electrothermal Cable with shield function to implement earthing protection, will drive the whole system getting more secure.
In terms of the using occasion and client s demand, can execute the processing of metal wire shield and flame retardant protective jacket. You may visit our website to see more details, if you have any question, please send us email for further discussion.
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