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TXLP/2R Single-Conductor Heating Cable Components are pretty suitable for the heating of concrete ground and floor, which is the key product designed for electrothermal floors, and that also can be used for snow and ice melting system, floor-draining, and drainpipe preventing-frostbite, and soil heating. Each component is one integration body with internal connections made by a manufacture, and showing on the cable surface with = > SPLICE < =, dispensing with setting the connection back to conductors. Because TXLP/2R Double-Conductor Heating Cable adopts double-core mode that counteracts the mutual counterforce of electromagnetic, without harm to human body. But harmful electromagnetic is invisible, and it would affect the hormone producing process of human body, so as to destroy human bodys incretion system and induce maladjustment of biorhythm. TXLP/2R Heating Cable does not produce magnetic field, in which system the input cable and output cable are set in parallel that counteracts the mutual counterforce of electromagnetic (the neutralization of magnetic field) , it can be called the warmness of environmental protection and warmness of health. Its characteristic is that the warmness is going from feet up to body softly and comfortably, is the highest heating mode of modern society, and indeed it made the memory of cold floor go into the history. In this system, except for a temperature controller, there is nothing else on ground, simple and flexible, without any other equipment. TXLP/2R Heating Cable is covered by a firm jacket, which can undertake installation and other mechanical force. Due to many levels of strict seal and waterproof measures, it can be installed under the concrete, without any abrasion, and no maintenance demand. For floor heating, it needs to joint 2.25-meter cold leads at two ends; for snow and ice melting, it needs to connect 5-meter cold leads. You may visit our website to see more details, if you have any question, please send us email for further discussion.
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