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Qing Gong Yuan is a pill containing multiple Chinese herbal medicine, it comes from the gynecological secret of the Qing Dynasty, it is regarded as a gynecological gem by the women patient, it has been officially permited by the China Sanitation Bureau to popularize to benefit the human being. Qing Gong Yuan has a strong sorption, the flavour of the herbal medicine put in vagina gets through the arteries and veins and reaches the focus, the pill absorbs the peculiar smell and the eyewinker in the uterus and gets them discharged , making the erosion cicatrize quickly, it has a function of shrinking and rejuvenating the uterus.

Qing Gong Yuan is developed from the natural expensive plant herbal and made by traditional techniques without any bacteria or chemical additive and powder in all the production. , it meets the national sanitary standard, it has no toxic and side effect, the application way is safe, convenient , the pill reach direct the cell, quick volatilization and long stay, high effective.
Qing Gong Yuan is famous for its peculiar healthcare for the reproductive organ, it makes the cell in the vagina rebirth and recover the elasticity of the vagina, activate the secretion in the ovary and keep it in a hearty state. It can delay the menopause and reduce the symptom of dryness of the vagina caused by scarcity of hormone and the drop of sexuality and mood fidget, and thus the women can smoothly pass the menopause and stave consenescence.
Qing Gong Yuan has a strong effect in diminishing all kinds of inflammation and sterilizing the bacterium in the genital organ. When application, due to the temperature and humidity of the body, it makes the pill create a function of adsorption which can beak off epidermis tissue of the uterus , drain the rotten cell, gore, virus, germina , pathogen, and other feculence in the vagina, thus it can shrink uterus and vagina, regulate and balance the blood and breathe, and rejuvenate the genital organ. main functions include: Vaginitis, Cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, appendagitis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia, leukorrhagia, ovary cyst , uterus tumor, uterus polypi, chloasma and other speckles due to imbanlance of blood and breathe
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Qing Gong Yuan
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