Sell (>98%) Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate

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Molecular formula: C7H6NO4Na
Relative molecular weight:191.1174(1995)
Physical and Chemical characters: red scaly crystal, can dissolve in water easily, and can dissolve in polarity organic solvent such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc. Stable in room temperature. Have naphthalene smell.
(1) In Agriculture: It is cell-activator agent and can be used as the crop-growth regulator, because it can infiltrate into plants rapidly, accelerate the flow of cell protoplasm, therefore promote the growth, reproduce of the crop. It can be used in seed-soak, irrigation, and leaf-spraying.
(2) In Husbandry and Fishery: It can be mixed with fodder, then be assimilated by the body of the animals rapidly, promote their appetite, and accelerate their absorption to the nutrition so as to quicken their growth and development as well as to enhance the immunity to germs. As a result, the quality and the output of egg, meat, milk and fur, feather etc. can be increased a lot.

(3) In Medicine: It is widely used in high quality cosmetology, because of the ability to hair reborn with its unique healing function for the wound, which can accelerate the metabolism of the cell.

Strong recommendation: 98%(w/w) min, which is the most competitive product in our company, contains advanced technology. It was developed by Professor Zheng Xianfu who is a Master degree candidated tutor of Henan Agricultural University, P. R. C. It takes the most important function in Sodium nitro complex when used. In the near future, it will be popular with the manufacturers in agriculture all over the world.
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Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate
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