Sell (Alpha) -Acetolactate Decarboxylase (ALDC)

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our product ALDC has two outstanding advantages: first, ALDC can decompose (Alpha) -Acetolactic Acid into Acetoin directly and rapidly. Diacetyl cannot come into being, thus it can save the course of diacetyl being deoxidized to Acetoin and shorten the fermentation cycle, heighten beer output, reduce cost. It will never influence any brewing technics and parameters. Secondly, it can avoid the rebound of diacetyl after beer leaving factory and guarantee the flavor of the beer.

The quality indicators of our ALDC have reached the international advanced level. The indicators and parameters are as follows:

Enzyme activities: more than 2000U/ml
Total Live bacterium< 3000 PH: 5.5-7.0
Lead<10ppm Coliforms<30
Arsenic<4ppm Pathogenetic: negative

We have been producing ALDC for 6 years. Presently ALDC has been using in the famous brew group in China, and it has been exporting and using in breweries overseas.