Sell (BOBO) Massage Magician - M850a Smart Massage Device

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Technical Parameters:
Voltage range: AC 100-250 V 50/60 Hz
DC 5V 1 10%
Amperage: <= 50 mA
Power Output: <= 0.3 W
Pulse Width: 0.1mS 1 30%
Output rang ( unidirectional ) : Minimum 0 V - 5 V, Maximum 60 V - 80 V
Adjustment is continuous between minimum and maximum output. ( 1K(Ohms) load resistance )
Dimensions: 58mm W 37mm W 12mm
Weight: Approx. 25g

Product introduction

Product features:
The Massage Magician is a small, convenient and portable smart massage unit. It can prevent diseases that are caused by long periods of sitting and help eliminate muscular, joint and soft tissue discomfort. It also helps to rid the body of toxins and to keep you regular. Prolonged and regular use can also help to eliminate body fat and achieve weight loss.
The Massage Magician incorporates Chinese medicinal theories and electrophysiological theorise with modern digital, electronic, single chip and software technology. It emits different levels of vibrations which has treatment effects that resemble those of acupuncture and massage. The Massage Magician realistically imitates three Chinese massage techniques, which are represented by blue, red and yellow LED lights. The strength of these treatments has 20 adjustable levels to suit your individual need.
The Massage Magician uses large treatment patches to increase and durability. These may be applied to any area of pain, fatigue, fat storage and discomfort. This product is easy and convenient to use.
The Massage Magician contains an embedded lithium battery, only takes 45 minutes to charge and 6 hours of battery life. It can also be powered through an USB port or AC/DC outlets.
The Massage Magician uses a 100% metal casing with laser carving craftwork, it is sleek, stylish, portable and different from the old fashioned outlook of most traditional home health devices.
The massage magician is the smallest, but the most powerful in its field. It is easy to use, portable, practical, and safe. It is one of the most creative and innovative of its class.