Sell (DZ47L) CXB1LE-50 Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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(DZ47L) CXB1LE-50 is used for the protection against electrical leakage in the circuit of 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 240V/415V. When an electric shock or the residual current of the circuit exceeds the threshold value, the CXB1LE can cut off the power within the time of 0.1s to protect the personal safety and prevent the equipment from the fault resulted by the residual current. Combined with MCB RCBO, it can also protect the
circuit against overload and short circuit. It conforms to IEC 61009 standard.
Techniacl Data
Pole No. Rated voltage
(V) Rated current
(A) Leakage action
current (mA) Leakage dead
current (mA) Leakage action
time (s)

2P 230/40 1, 3, 6, 10,
16, 20, 25,
32, 40, 50 30
100 15
5 < 0.1
3P 400
3P 4 Line 230/400
4P 230/400

Wiring Diagram
double line Double-pole
double line Triple-pole
triple line Triple-pole
four line Four-pole
1/2 CXB1LE-50
2/2 CXB1LE-50
3/3 CXB1LE-50
3/4 CXB1LE-50

Structure Features
CXB1LE-50 leakage circuit breaker is made up of CXB1 high-breaking miniature circuit breaker and leakage release. The leakage circuit breaker is of current operated electronic type, is mainly made up of zero-sequence current transformer, electronic building brick plate, leakage release, and circuit breaker with overload and shortcircuit protection.
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Operation Principle

Outline and Installation Dimension
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