Sell (E) Ethyl4-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) -4-oxo-2-butenoate(VAC)

(E) Ethyl4-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) -4-oxo-2-butenoate(VAC)
Molecular Formula and Weight:C14H16O5=264.3
CAS No. : [80937-23-1]
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance: Crystalline power
Colour: tan/yellow
Melting point: 870-910
Usage: This product is a kind of good cosmetic which is useful in treating oily hair and skin this product can also be a intermediate of a anti-stomach ulcer medicine.
Quality standard:
Appearance: tan/yellow crystals or crystalline power
Melting point: 870-910
Content: >=98.5%
Pack: Double layers of plastic bag which are in the cardboard bucket.
Specification: 1kg,10kg,25kg/bucket.
Minimum Order Quantity