Sell (Electron motor) Full Automatic Pasting and Flanging machine

(Electron motor) Full Automatic Pasting and Flanging machine You May Also Be Interested In: leatherette mobile cover natural leather
The machine is suitable to material of leather products of footwear, dress and mobile cover, PVC, PU, natural leather, leatherette, cloth and so on. Pasting and flanging with hot-melt adhesive.
1. It adopts singlechip to control pasting and flanging with full-automatic.
2. Adjust easily and conveniently, slow speed when turning, automatically slice when inturn, which is easy to operate for greener. It can flange with the rope together.
3. Adjust the width freely, outflow glue uniformity, the magnitude of glue is equal to the speed.
4. Precise and smooth after flanging. It is round and beautiful in turning which is 5-10 times to hand.
Technical parameter
Motor power 0.25KW
Dimension 1200*550*1150mm
Weight 100Kg
Brand Name
Model Number