Sell (F360) CXL3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

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(F360) CXL3 series residual current action circuit breaker (without over-current protection) applies to circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 2-pole 230V, 4-pole 400V and rated current up to 100A, for household and similar application location with performance characteristic irrelevant to line voltage. It is used for protection of electric shock and fire risk. When human gets an electric shock or current leakage of electric network exceeds the specified value, the breaker can cut off the fault power supply within quite short period of time to protect human beings and electric appliances.
CXL3 is electromagnetic type: earth leakage with no need of auxiliary power supply, especially used in domestic, third industry and miniature industry application with function of isolation. Standard: IEC61008-1.
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