Sell (Injection Moulded NdFeB) Oil Temperature Gauge Magnets

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Features of Oil Temperature Gaguge Magnets:

-Oil Temperature Gauge Magnets use of injection-moulded magnetic Nd-Fe-B as materials, mode of bipolar magnetizing, Magnetic field strength can be selected in accordance with customer demand.

-Can with the needle axis insert forming, size and high precision ; second assembly process to avoid causing the size of deviations and product cracks and other disadvantage;

-Unique polymer-coated magnet technology and good anti-corrosion effect, magnetic properties of a higher consistency.

Part of Oil Temperature Gauge Magnet specification:
Size (mm) D12*3------- Axis Size(mm) D1.1*21.2---------surface magnetic (Gs) 900

Size (mm) D3*1.6-------Axis Size(mm) According to customer needs--------surface magnetic (Gs) According to customer needs

Size (mm) D3*1.55*6-------Axis Size(mm) According to customer needs-------surface magnetic (Gs) According to customer needs

Note: Other specifications and requirements of the Magnetic field can in accordance with customer demand sample or to drawings production.

Our Quality Guarantee:
Our magnets are made with the highest quality, All of our magnets are ISO certified.
We are original Injection Moulded NdFeB magnet manufacturer in China.
Magnets can be guests in accordance with the requirements of the whole or part of Magnetizing. Welcome customers come to discuss the consultative.
At present, our company in China has huge market, so we hope to expand overseas business opportunities; If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
For more informations about above magnetism requirement , please contact us.
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