Sell (NAS) Network Attached Storage System (1-4 TB)

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STORANGO (1 - 4TETRABYTE) Next-Generation Smart Media NAS

Visionman / Storango (1-4 TB) Next-Generation Smart Media NAS Appliance / Gigabit LAN / Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, Span / Hotswap SATA-II Drives / Automated Backup / Active Directory Support / (3) USB Ports / iTunes Server / Peer-to-Peer Networking For Easy File Sharing via FTP and HTTP

Organize, Share, Access and Protect Music, Video, Digital Libraries, Photographs, Business Records and Confidential Data

Imagine; Storing, Securing and Sharing all your Digital Assets  up to 424 Full Length Movies, 1,140,000 Photos, 1,000,000 Songs, 480 Hours of HD Video, or 4TB of business records/confidential data  in one place, easily, worry free!

1TB = 285,000 Photos (3.5MB per photo) , 250,000 Songs (4 minutes in MP3 per song) , 106 Movies (9.4GB per movie) , 120 Hours of HD Video (8.3GB per hour)

2TB = 570,000 Photos (3.5MB per photo) , 500,000 Songs (4 minutes in MP3 per song) , 212 Movies (9.4GB per movie) , 240 Hours of HD Video (8.3GB per hour)

3TB = 855,000 Photos (3.5MB per photo) , 750,000 Songs (4 minutes in MP3 per song) , 318 Movies (9.4GB per movie) , 360 Hours of HD Video (8.3GB per hour)

4TB = 1,140,000 Photos (3.5MB per photo) , 1,000,000 Songs (4 minutes in MP3 per song) , 424 Movies (9.4GB per movie) , 480 Hours of HD Video (8.3GB per hour)

Works with PCs, Macs, and Linux Systems Finally! Now its easy for any family, user group or business to organize, share, access and protect their digital assets including: music, video, digital libraries, photographs, business records and confidential data.

Lost your Laptop or Flash Drive? Storangos Got your Backup!

Need to Access Business Files from Home or on the Road? Need to Access Dads Laser Printer for your Homework? Done with Storango!

Want to Share your Photos with your Grandparents in Indiana? Want Share your Music and Videos with your Friends? Share them Easily with Storango!

Unlike direct attached storage devices (such as USB hard drives) , simply plug in your Storango to your router or switch, and instantly everyone on your network has access to a massive repository of storage space. The Storango provides an unbeatable data backup, digital media server, and secure data sharing solution at an undeniably unbeatable price.

The Storango offers the latest in smart media NAS technology at the greatest possible value, period. Equipped with a full digital media suite and advanced storage functionality, this is the ideal storage and digital media appliance for the small office, home office, and personal use.

In addition, the Storango Smart Media NAS Appliance can be configured as a digital media server, iTunes server or allow peer-to-peer networking for easy file sharing via FTP and HTTP.

Leading Edge Smart Media NAS Technology The new Storango Smart Media NAS Appliances integrate a low-power, system-on-chip ARM CPU with an embedded Linux operating system to deliver flexible, secure, high-speed file services via an advanced SATA II interface. The Storango VM200 and VM400 models deliver 3.0 Gigabits-per-second maximum throughput and a feature-set that has been tuned and optimized for storage convenience including automatic backup, remote access support and advanced digital media services.
For the system administrator, Active Directory integration, critical event alerts, user quota control, USB storage, print server functionality, large file support and advanced security options are built in.

Full Backup Suite Data back can be quite a chore. No longer! With our automated backup software, you just tell the software what you want to backup and how often, and it will take care of the rest, automatically. You can restore your data to a number of earlier points - from your oldest to your most recent backup. If you need to restore your entire system to recover from a disaster, our backup software makes it easy.

Why NAS? Utilizing a NAS system offers a cheaper, better solution to other common forms of storage. How? Burning your data to a CD or DVD? Then you run into capacity limitations, and the risk of easily damaging your backup media. Storing your data on a USB external backup? There is a tremendous lack of space and scalability with this. What about online storage? Then you're trusting all your data to a "website". With a NAS solution, you have a tremendous amount of storage on-site, all available through a speedy gigabit interface. Additionally, there is redundancy in place to ensure data integrity in the event of catastrophic drive failure, as unlikely as it may be.

Digital Media Server The Storango isn't just a NAS system, this is NAS evolved! Equipped with a digital media server, iTunes server, and peer-to-peer server - this system has it all. The peer-to-peer functionality allows you to upload a peer-to-peer file to the Storango, at which point it will automatically fire up its peer-to-peer client and scour the net for the file you're looking for. File sharing has never been easier! iTunes is equally a snap to use. Simply turn it on with one mouse click, and the Storango is now the repository for all the iTunes songs on your network.

Data Sharing. . . Securely! What to do with all this space? Other than providing a central back-up repository for all connected machines, there is plenty of room to share! This NAS system easily attaches to any network and allows users to share all their data. Also supported is password protecting any particular segment you wish, segmenting off data to those who need it, and away from those who don't. Need to access your data remotely? Easily accomplished with an anonymous FTP login. Additionally, all this data is accessible in record speed, with Gigabit!

Additional Specifications

1 - 4 TB Total Storage RAID 0, 1, 5, Span
Automatic Backup Disk & File Level Backup
Password Protected Folders Shared Storage
Automatic RAID Recovery Gigabit LAN Interface
DHCP & Static IP Supported 128MB Dedicated DDR Memory
(3) USB 2.0 Ports Supports up to 1 - 4 TB per Drive
Windows Active Directory Support Ext3 Journaling File System
CIFS for Windows & Macintosh NFS v2 & v3 for Linux
Supports Network Booting Anonymous FTP Supported
Digital Media Server iTunes Server
Bit Torrent Download Server
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
credit, debit, paypal, check, money order
Warranty Coverage
parts and labor 1 year included