Sell (Semi / Fully ) Transparent Heating Panel

(Semi / Fully ) Transparent Heating Panel You May Also Be Interested In: nano technology towel dryer
substrate: Polycarbonate, Tempered glass
1. Nominal power tailored upto 0.11watt/cm2
2. Surface temperature controlled around 81C
(Custom sizes/spec are welcome)
3. constant temperature, saving energy (30~40%)
4. Normal Infrared total emissivity: >87%
5. Electrothermal radiant switch ratio: >64%
6. Infrared wavelength: 5~13.5um
7. Green product with no pollution
8. EMF free
9. Application: heater, partition, towel dryer, mirror

Our factory located in Shanghai/China, Taking the place of linar conductor, we use nano technology - sputtering the conductor on the full surface of insulating substrate under vacuum condition, the thickness of the conductor is 0.0003mm only (yes, 0.0003mm) , therefore, it can save 30~40% energy, EMF free, and no air/chemical pollution during producing/using, can always meet "RoHS" standard.