Sell (pcb) Automatic Positioning Puncher A2

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Detailed Product Description

The furtures of the products :(Touch Screen. Vacuum Suction Pressure Plate, rapid speed , high precision )

1>. The product is produced by refering to the features of the domestic and international circuit board , which adopts humanization and high-tech design carefully. It can punch any incomplete round above semicircle.
2>. Strong and swift operating system--WINDOWS2000 which is fully-automated in identifying image and punching, 10.4-inch large color display screen that does no harm to eyes.
3>. It ranks the first among the similar products at home and in Asia, since its speed in punching reached into 0.35 second per hole.
4>. Possessing many illuminant from positive and negative . It can identify many kinds of target made by soft flexible circuit board, films, thin-film switch diazo and so on.
5>. The advanced sucker Vacuum suction makes it in low noise and vibration.

6>. When the workpieces are within the scope of computer's control, the equipment will lock targets automatically, punch and count kinds of round holes simultaneously, It makes the customers convenient.
7>. The import workbench made of granite will never wear out.
8>. In order to be more accurate, the main components are imported from Japan and Taiwan.
9>. The standard diameter of the punching hole is1.0mm-5.0mm . Purpose made diameter can be 1.0mm-10.0mm
10>. The positioning error is less than 0.015 mm
11>. The external dimension (L*W*H)100*80*115cm
12>. The maximal processing board is 600*600mm
13>. Machinable meterial:all kinds of soft flexible circuit board, films, thin-film switch, and diazo material, the panel of mobile telephone, and so on.
14>. Computer Control System can be upgrade free for life long
15>. Net Weight 180kg, Gross Weight 210kg
16>. The VoltageAC200V-240V, the Power Consumption 0.35kw.


Punching thickness:0.05mm-1.00mm(depends on the material)

The largest processing size:600mm*600mm

Punching diameter:Standard1.0mm-5.0mm (Can be ordered maximum diameter is 20mm)

The greatest impact:120kg

Air pressure:0.4-0.7mpa