Sell (pcb) Punchine machine Q2

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Detailed Product Description

1:The standard diameter of the punching hole is1.0mm-5.0mm . Purpose made diameter can be 1.0mm-10.0mm
2:Display (normal) :15 inches
3:Identifying cycle diameter: 1.0-10.0mm
4:Air pressure:0.4-0.7MPa
5:Processing tolerance:less than 0.02mm
6: Punching speed:around 0.6 seconds per hole
7:Power consumption 0.45kw, voltage AC200V-240V
8:The external dimension: (L× W× H)150×150×142cm
9:Net weight: 260kg
10. Image Processing :Integrated Image Processing method with 2 value
11. It is workable on unclear , special print materials.
12 Each person can operate 5-6 sets simultaneously.
The workable materials :soft boards\PCB\film\PVC\Polyester\Thin-Film Switch( Button)
And other print materials . It is wildly used for automatic punching machine on electrical\signs\pakages and print industry.
The features of the products:
With the XP system and human design , simple and easy to understand .
In direct touch screen set up on the work mode, simple and intuitive.
Special light source to identify ways .
It can automatically identify circular on a variety of materials, punching on it automatically
Work can be in the 15-inch computer screen directly to watch the live punch.
Computer system can be upgraded, and provide you with a powerful specialized technical support.