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Series pressure transmitters choose imported hi-quality diffused silicon type and ceramics type pressure sensor as sensitive components, and employ application-specific integrated module, through fine temperature shift , zero point and non-linear compensation, to realise accuracy measurement and transmission of mediums pressure change of liquid, gas and vapor, etc.

II. Features
1. choose hi-quality sensor and exclusive V/I integrated circuit, little peripheral device, high reliability, simple and easy maintenance.
2. little volume, slight weight, convenient installation and debugging
3. overall and sound design, respectively provide ordinary type, corrosion-proof, intrinsic safety explosion-proof type and isolating explosion-proof type; wide room for customers to choose
4. aluminium die casting outer shell, tri-terminal isolation, hi-temperature baking lacquer protective cover, firm and durable
5. 4~20mA DC two-wire system signal transmission, strong interference-resistant ability, long transmitting distance
6. LED, LCD, pointer, the three kinds of indicating gauge head; convenient on-the-spot reading
7. can be applied to measure viscous , crystalized and corrosive mediums
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