Sell -Fetal monitor-JPD-300B Grand

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FHR waveform display, digit display
TOCO waveform display, digit display
Fetal movement mark

Maternal NIBP
Fetal Umbilical Blood

Probe: Solid and durable, anti-shock and anti-falling down.
Easy to operate: Special antomatic monitor key, complete monitor-save-print by one key, can use without training. Can be equipped at ease when users need.
Zero adjustment: More advanced zeroing; Remove the trouble of using TOCO probe, can tie the probe more conveninetly.
Safety & Sensitivity: Special technology in the ultrasound probe, ultrasound dosage is lower than 50% of the standard, while more sensitive.
Data management: 100,000 data storage and FHR monitoring image, and use the data at any time, to analyse or print. Can find data easily.
Function upgrade: You can add different modules for it.
Central monitor: Upgrade to monitor system (4-128 extension) , more effectively.
Low consumption printout: Use common paper to printout.
Economical: Multi function within one machine, more effectively.

Ultrasound: Multi-wafer, wave-beam
Maternal SPO2: Infrared ray electronic fingertip probe
Ultrasound frequency: 0.8-2.2MHz+-5%
Maternal blood pressure: Sleeve strip mode, automatic pump measuring;
Measure unit: mHg, Kpa are optional.
Ultrasound intensity: <5mW/cm2
Power: AC 200V 50Hz
FHR range: 60-210bpm
Printer: Windows98 compatible printer
TOCO: External transducer
Paper: Normal paper (A4 or B5)
TOCO range: 0-100 (relative unit)
Working condition: Temperature 10-45c
Humidity 10-80%


ISO9001: 2000
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ISO9001&3A 2000
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