Sell -Ultrasound fetal doppler-JPD-200C

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Safe: Ultrasound dosage is under 50% of the standard.
Durable: Huge capacity battery, work more than 12 hours after full charge.
Convenience: Single key control. Automatic battery recharge and protection.
Sensitivity: FHR of fetus 9 weeks up.
Probe: According to difference of pregnant week, users can select 2.2MHz or 3.3MHz probe.

Probe: Solid and durable, anti-shock and anti-falling down.
Ultrasound frequency:3.3MHz or 2.2MHz +3%
Ultrasound intensity: <2.5mW/cm2
Display: LED, display real-time FHR.
Power: AC 220V 50Hz, DC18V.
Rechargeable battery: 1100mAh(can work more than 12 hours continuously)
Size: 240mm*160mm*115mm
Weight: Main body 1.12kg, charger 0.64 kg


ISO9001: 2000


It has won many big bid from authority organization like MOH, UNFA etc.
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