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Polyimide Adhesive Tape has a polyimide film baching with excellent heat resistant properties, and UL-510FR-certified. It is widely used in a variety of applications, such as the insulation of electrodes in lithium ion secondary batteries and applications requiring heat resistant masking, such as in part mounting reflow processes and the manufacturing processes of all types of electronic components.


Excellent electrical insulation properties
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent heat resistance
Extremely narrow width processing is available(from 1mm in width)
Boasts a wide-ranging line-up

For heat resistant masking.
For insulation of electrodes in lithium ion secondary batteries.
For heat resistant electrical insulation.

General Properties:
Backing material: 0.025mm Polyimide Film
Adhesive: Silicone
Color: Brown
Total tape thickness: 0. 06mm
Dielectric strength: 6KV---12KV
Adhesion to steel: 14kg/in
Insulation class: 280Degree Celsius
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