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Oxymatrine based product
Active Ingredient:
>=0.2% Oxymatrine,
>=0.4% Psoralen
Dosage: 1.5L/Ha
Act as a broad-spectrum natural pesticide, two days after application it will Effectively control a large number of insects such as aphid, Pieris fapae L. and carmine spider mite etc. during immature pest stages. And it is suitable for pest resistance management because of its unique mode of action.

Term of validity: 2 years
Caution statements
1. Please read the label or direction of product carefully.
2. If rainfall occurs at short time after spray, please re-apply.
3. This product would be degradable under the alkalescence condition, so please avoid it to mix with any alkalescence materials.
4. Dilution factor may be changed according to extent of insect pests, please see Directions for use for standard dilution factors.
5. Make overall application of the product so that it covers leaves, stems, leaf back and buds that is, the product covers the whole plant.
6. Please notice the effect of weather; it is inadvisable to apply the product before or after rain. If it is necessary to do, the higher concentration of the product must be used.
Carried out by the Institute of Occupational Medicine Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, which results showed that acute oral LD50 to rats was more than 10,000mg/kg. Acute dermal LD50 to rats was more than 2000mg/kg. All showed this product was low toxic.