Sell 1% Natural beta-Carotene Dissolvable Emulsion

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Stars-brand beta-Carotene Dissolvable Emulsion is a product with excellent fluidity based on our unique natural beta-Carotene. With excellent diffusibility and stability in water, it is especially suitably applied in beverage. It dissolves well and evenly in water when stirred slightly. User can make various beverages of bright color with beta-Carotene of different concentration as required.

1% Natural beta-Carotene Dissolvable Emulsion

Property: Maroon thick liquid beta-Carotene is emulsified to fine particle powder by hydrophilic food materials, which is equably dispersed and dissolved in water and presents favorable diffusibility. Color ranges from yellow to orange. It can be directly added to food liquid, making it unnecessary to make preparation liquid.

Application Scope: As yellow and orange colorants and nutrition nourishment for food and pharmaceuticals, such as beverage, jelly, pudding, fruit jam, candy, ice-cream, milk product, pastry, etc.

Package: 10kg/plastic pail, 2pails/carton

Storage Condition: Sealed storage at shadow and dry place free from light;

Validity Period: 12 months.

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