1,2,3,4-BUTANETETRACARBOXYLIC ACID (BTCA) You May Also Be Interested In: butanetetracarboxylic acid electricity insulator insulator materials polymer materials wire enamels
1, 2, 3, 4- butanetetracarboxylic acid (BTCA) is a perfect formaldehyde-free durable press(DP) finishing agent. It has high activity of reaction and no irritant odor. Processed by BTCA, fabrics such as cotton and silk can achieve properties including anti-cease, permanent press and keeping shape and are of high tenacity. The fabric quality can reach the accomplishment of traditional DP finishing agent with formaldehyde and liquid ammonia. Furthermore, the technique is simple and has no pollution. Therefore, BTCA is a perfect substitute for DP finishing agent of formaldehyde.
In addition, BTCA can be used in manufacturing polyimide (PI) materials which has heat-proof, acid-proof and hydrocarbon-proof properties, used in manufacturing functional polymer materials such as photosensitive materials, biomedical materials and functional polymeric membrane materials. Generally, the derivatives and polymers of BTCA are excellent electricity insulator, and are widely used in manufacturing electricity insulative rings, wire enamels and electricity insulator materials.