Sell 1,550nm CATV EDFA

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EDFA is working in single wavelength in CATV system. In order to avoid distortion, the operation wavelength of External Modulation Optic Transmitter is usually 155515nm. The main features of CATV EDFA is low NF, large saturated output power.

1) Working wavelength: 1,540~1,560nm
2) Input power: 0~+10dBm
3) Output power: +13~+27dBm
4) Noise figure: <=5.5dBm
5) System index: CNR>=51.5dB, CTB>=-65dB, CSO<=-65dB
6) Test conditions:
a) 59route PAL-D, 65km optic, 0dBm receiving
b) >=5dBm input EDFA (back to back, CNR >=53dB)