Sell 1 & 2 person submersibles (submarine)

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C-Quester submersible (submarine)

The first affordable private submersible.

Enjoy the excitement of flying around in the beautiful underwater-world.

Dive up to 50 meters depth, stay there for over two hours, explore, wonder and resurface in 2 minutes.

This truly is the first real submarine for everybody.

Advantages of the 1 atmosphere C-Quester:
o You can stay at any depth up to 50 meters and surface anytime you want.
o You always maintain a normal pressure in your ears.
o You can breathe like you do on the surface, no tanks on your back or what so ever.
o You always maintain a normal pressure in your lungs, no need of special breathing.
o You will stay dry and comfortable at all times.
o Completely safe: six different systems to resurface.
o Latest technology: therefore relatively cheap and very easy to handle
o Dive alone or with a passenger.
o On the surface the C-Quester reacts as a normal and very stable boat.
o After diving you can haul the C-Quester on your ship or trailer it home behind your car.

o You will get hooked on diving in the most relaxing way.

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Brand Name
CQ1 &26 CQ2
278 X 184 X 183 cm
Terms of Sale
ex works Netherlands
1030 kg