Sell 1 hour charger with USB function

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This 1 Hour Charger Fusion-USB is a highly advanced and fully automatic battery charger which is compatible with all AA and AAA size NiMH batteries commonly used in todays digital camera, MP3, CD players, 2-way radios, radio controlled cars, motorized toys and other electronic devices.
The 1 Hour Charger Fusion-USB features microprocessor controlled to charge your battery up to 7 times faster than other standard chargers, Not only will it charge the battery safely and reliably, it will prolong battery life. Unlike the other60 minute chargers, the Charger will not overheat the batteries and damage them. The 1 Hour Charger actually prolongs battery life. 1 to 4 batteries can be charged at a time, each with a dedicated LED indicator to show the charge status of that cell.
Flexible power input allows you to use the 1 Hour Charger Fusion-USB from home or overseas with its 100V-240V AC Universal Power Supply, or on the road using the included 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter.