Sell 1.5' TFT LCD,26M True Color Display MP4 player

1.5' TFT LCD,26M True Color Display MP4 player You May Also Be Interested In: 5 tft lcd picture viewer
1. 1. 5' TFT LCD, 26M true color display
2. Support MP3 (MPEG 1. 0/2. 0/2. 5 layer1/2/3) and WMA.
3. Support MP4 (AVI)
4. Picture viewer(JPEG, JIF, BMP)

5. Fully compatible with the USB 2. 0(full-speed) and OTG (On-The-Go)

6. Internal FM stereo radio, Japan Band(76MHz~90MHz) , Europe Band(87. 5MHz~108MHz)

7. Lyric Synchronization(LRC V0. 2 format)
8. Voice recorder
9. TXT. Reading

10. Repeat function: A-B repeat, repeat one, repeat all, random repeat.

11. 7 Mode Equalizer: Jazz, Classic, Rock, Pop, Normal, Soft, Dbb

12. Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
13. 14 languages display: Simple Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portugal, Denmark and Dutch

1. Neckline earphone
2. USB cable
3. Mannual
4. CD drive
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