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1.59 PC lens
1) Material: Polycarbonate
2) Refractive Index: 1.59
3) Abbe Value: 32
4) Specific Gravity: 1.20

Ten Advantages of PC Lenses

1) Internal-Stress Free
2) Anti-Scratch
3) Anti-Reflection
The PC lens have 7 coats on double sides and its transission rate can reach
99%+. by eliminating reflection lights from different direction
4) Solid Coating
Special hard coating technology to secure the strong adhesion of AR coats
5) Hydrophobic. Dustproof and Anti-Fog
6) UV400
7) Anti-Glare
8) Electromagnetic Wave Proof
EMI coating PC lenses can absorb the Harmf EM waves produced from computers and
other electronic devices
9) Hyper light and Thin
10) Impact resistant
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