Sell 1.5F capacitor

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1. Working voltage range: 20DCV
2. Surge voltage: 24DCV
3. E. S. R. (capacitor) : 0.00195@120Hz/250
4. Capacitance tolerance: 110%
5. Headscrew: 1/4-28UNC thread 24
6. Net weight: 1.6kg
7. Gross weight: 1.8kg
8. Dimension: 51X40X46CM

1. The capacitor is an enerage storage device of digital display.
2. it is desiged to supplement audio amplifiers power supply during high current demand.
3. the overall bass response of audio system will be enhanced with using this device.
4. Its capable of storing a large amount of energy which can be descharged very fast when need.
5. It can filter car AC voltage included by the amplifiers power supply, which can otherwise cuase audible noise in the sound system.
6. The significant feature is the digital PCB, which cant be swithed on if the user makes a wrong connection.
We recommend using a capacitor minimum value of 1,000,000 microfarad (1F) for each 500Watts amplifier power.
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