Sell 1.5KW,2KW,2.5KW Gasoline Generator (CE approval)

1.5KW,2KW,2.5KW Gasoline Generator (CE approval) You May Also Be Interested In: ac circuit breakers engine technology gasoline generator mufflers
12V,8.3A DC output
Big Fuel Tank
Generous9.2 and 25+liter fuel tahks combine with the efficiency Of DaYou OHV.
Engine technology for long hours of uninterrupted power .
Easy, Reliable Starting
Automatic mechanical decompression and transistorized non-contact ignition make
recoil starting just an esay pull away.
Oil Alert System
Guards against costly engine damage by immediately stopping the engine if the oil level
drops too low.
Big Air Cleaner
Ensure clean air intake for more efficient combustion and optimum engine power output.
Big Silent Muffler With guard
Minimize noise to realize quiet portable electrical power ideal for use in residential
areas and at night. Muffler guards put a sturdy protective screen between mufflers and
Circuit Breaker
Easy-to-use AC circuit breakers cut the power in the event of electrical over load while
leaving the power switch on.
Convenient Full Frame
Durable steel-pipe frame surrounds all components. Protecting generators and making
then easier to transport and carry.
Allow confirmation of output voltage at glance.
Note:We can adjust voltage and frequency according to consumers' demands.