Sell 10" Eel Lures Awesome Bait for Big Fish

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Hand Poured 10" Eel (3) pack. - Color; Pearl Black Unbelievable Color!!! Eel Scented!! 10 Eel Baitfish trolled is a dynamite bait for Stripers fished over structure. These are hand poured made in the USA Lures which drive fish crazy!! Why hand poured?? Q. Whats the difference between Hand-Poured Scented Worms and other worms I see at my local tackle store? A. CrazyFishing offers Hand-Poured Scented Baits that float and are colored, flaked, rattled and scented. Put your store bought worm into a bowl of water. What happens to it? If its injection molded (most store bought worms are) , it will sink, while our Hand-Poured Scented Worm floats, which means when a weight or jighead is added, the tail will float up off the bottom which makes it easier for fish to see. Which one would you rather have on the end of your line?
Brand Name
CrazyFisihng Lures
Available Colors
Pearl Black
Condition of Goods
10 x .5
6 oz.