Sell 10/100M Single-Multi-Mode Converter

10/100M Single-Multi-Mode Converter You May Also Be Interested In: mode converter optical amplifier
Based on years of experiences in the telecommunications industry, our company has launched a series of "optical - electric - optical" source optical mode convertor applicable to telecommunications. Its specific types include:

1) Wavelength convertor provides the optical wave conversion and amplification between 1310nm and 1550 nm, 1310nm and 850nm, 850nm and 1550nm. This device can also be used as source optical amplifier.

2) Mode convertor provides the conversion of 850nm/1310nm multi-mode optical signal and 1310nm/1550nm optical signal; This device can also be used as source optical amplifier.

3) Single fiber-double fibers convertor provides the conversion between double optical signals of various modes (single/multi mode) and wavelengths (850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm) and single optical signal of WDM, among which the single optical signal can also be divided into 780nm/850nm multi-mode optical signal and 1310nm/1550nm single mode optical signal.

4) Optical mode convertor is suitable for single/multi-mode optical data transmission network with the rate of 155M / 622M / 1.25G, the longest transmission range after conversion/amplification is 120km. This device is compatible to most of the mechanics of communication including Ethernet, Token Ring, PABX, OC1/OC3, ATM, PDDI and SONETTE.

10/100M single to multi-mode converter
NT-1020-25 single-mode to multi-mode, 25km, 1310nm
NT-1020-40 single-mode to multi-mode, 40km, 1310nm
NT-1020-60 single-mode to multi-mode, 60km, 1310nm
NT-1020-100 single-mode to multi-mode, 100km
1000M single to muti-mode converter
NT-2020-10 single-mode 10km to multi-mode 500m 1310nm
NT-2020-20 single-mode 20km to multi-mode 500m
NT-2020-40 single-mode 40km to multi-mode 500m
NT-2020-100 single-mode 100km to multi-mode 500m