Sell 10 in 1 beauty equipment

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1. Absorb Black Acne
2. High-Frequency electrotherapy
Use special Ultraviolet rays to treat the skin that sterilize the skin and accelerate wound healing.
To get rid of spots, pigmentation, pimples and acne.

3. Facial Brush
Nourish skin, clean face, brush skin, massage and can improve the quality of the skin with wrinkle and acne. .
4. Spray
To thoroughly get rid of all dirt, impurities fat from the deep pores of the skin.
To make the suction/spray medicine water to spray as mist to nourish and calm skin.

5. Ultrasonic
1) Soften the thrombus and remove red face.
2) Remove scar over.
3) Eliminate abnormal skin pigment.
4) Lift skin to remove wrinkle.
5) Remove eye pouch and black eye.
6) Meliorate skin conditions.

6. Facial Steam of Heab
The vapor steamer consists of rich and various active hydronium ion, can stimulate blood circulation and supply the water element in the cells, nourish and moisten the skin, coinstantaneous can sterilizer skin, when massage to use it can get perfect effect.
7. Magnifying Lamp
8. Wood Lamp
9. Remove Spot