Sell 10 kv, 11 kv medium voltage variable frequency drives, 10kv, 11kv middle voltage VVVF drives

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Voltage: 10 kv, 11 kv, medium voltage (MV)
Power: 315 kw - 8000 kw

Common features of our 10 kv, 11 kv, medium voltage (MV) VFD, middle voltage variable speed drives, frequency converters:
Adopt A-D-AD high voltage way controlled by space voltage vector in sine wave PWM technology, transformer isolation and in-line power element;
Because the input end adopts move phase transformer multiple-rization technology, the electric current harmonic input is minor;
Because the output end adopts n power-unit cascade to fold up wave technology, the output voltage wave form approaches the shape of sine, resulting in perfect electric current wave form;
Both input and output harmonic waves completely meet the standard IEEE Std 519-1992 and GB/T14549-2002.
No need set power factor repair equipment. The power factor of regular variable speed range is higher than 0.97.
No need set I/O filter
No special demands to the driven electric motors
System overall efficiency is higher than 96%
Friendly user interface offered
Flexible control mode
Local control by the touch screen; remote control by inside PLC I/O gate; Superordination control by RS485 interface and DCS system linking.
Pre-charging circuit ensures the system with shock-free starting, apply to any low capacity electricity network and ancillary equipment.
Control two power supplies to maximally ensure normal running.
Perfect self-diagnosing functions can online monitor system state. Automatically take suitable protective measures and record running parameters in malfunction.
The power element automation bypass function may cut the malfunction element and ensure symmetry and balance of the three-phase output voltage and output electric current. Maximally reduce motor stopping rate to ensure non-stop working in breakdown state.
Supply the inverters perfect diagnose and strong treatment ability to various protection at input and output ends, voltage and electric current and temperature etc.
No-perturbation function can be used to realize frequency conversion. Motor can automatically change to frequency transformer in case the inverters is with bad failure, to ensure the machine run regularly in system breakdown.

Applications of our 10 kv, 11 kv medium voltage variable frequency drives, 10kv, 11kv middle voltage VVVF drives, medium voltage VFD in the industry:
Power generation, including induced draft fans, forced draft fans, condensate exhausting pump, boiler feed water pumps, primary fan, secondary fan, circulating pump, mill fan, slurry pump, mill .

Metals, including dusting fans, feeding pump, slurry pump, compressor, furnace fans, mill, etc.

Cement, such as fans, discharge fan, dust collecting fan, waste gas fan, dust removing fan, and mill.

Oil and Gas, such as water injection pump, oil transfer pumps, air compressor.

Mining, including all kinds of fans, media pump, circulating pump, gas pump, oil separating pump, compressor, lift, mill, conveyer.

Water, such as water supplying pump, circulating pump, etc.
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