Sell 10 pair LSA disconnection module (237A)

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We can manufacture variety of krone type module and accessories.
1. 16/10/8/5 pair LSA disconnection & connection module.
2. 10 pair LSA-PROFIL disconnection & connection module.
3. 10 pair (PROFIL) switching module.
4. 10 pair LSA-PLUS NT module.
5.2/3 pole Arrester magazine for 10 pair disconnection module.
6. Back mount frame of 10 pair krone module.
7. Label holder for back mount frame of 10 pair krone module.

The module contains two pieces of contacts, normally closed. Has advantage of individual pair disconnection and four wire test access.

1. Plastic Parts:PBT-V0 UL94 or ABS-Fair-Resistant.
2. Contacts Pin:0.5mm thick Silver-plated Bronze.
3. Silver-plated:30U or client request.

Size:124*21*40mm .
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity