Sell 10.4 inch Waterproof LCD TV

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Model: GW-104A
Size: 10.4 inch
Optional: Mirror, Black, White, Golder, Silver, other any colors
Display Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 800*600
Brightness: 350
Contrast: 400:1
Viewing Angle: H/H1150
Response time: 12MS
Power: DC12V
Consumption: <=30W
Input: TV AUDIO/VIDEO S-Video VGA port
Audio: 5W*2
Language: Support English Chinese and other multi-language
IP Standards: IP68
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Dimension (mm) : 349 (L) *252 (W) *48 (D)
Accessories: User's Manual, Waterproof Remote Control, AC adapter, Mount Bracket (Optional)


A pioneer in the waterproof field. Unique factory entitled with the certificate: IP68, the highest international waterproof grade.
We are also the supplier in China who has been offering the waterproof LCD TVs to other famous dealers in Europe.
Adopted anti-reflex & anti-interference glass panel, display video signals normally below water or in the various and complex surroundings.
Temperature between the inner and outer surface of panel is balanceable.
Fully functional, infrared and waterproof remote control.
Can store 255 channels and can be used as monitor.
The various colors for front cabinet are available. Different sizes(8/10.4/12.1/15.1/15.4/17.1/19.1/20.1/22/26/32/37/42) .
Mountable, embeddable and desktop installing ways which are available and facilitate the installation.
Applied to high-class hotels and spots like sauna, shower, rest room, swimming pool, outdoor surroundings and places played below water.
Firmest protection on the screen: abrasion, scratch and dizziness resistance, make your vision perfectly.
Waterproof LCD TV with DVB-T or ATSC is available.