Sell 100% Hydrolized Whey Protein Supplement - High Grade Protein

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The first major development in protein supplementation in over 25 years.
Clinically Proven, PROTO-WHEY, 100% extreme HYDROLYZED WHEY PEPTIDES, the most absorbable form of high quality protein available.

Most protein supplements are full of second class proteins or worse. And many conatin very deceptive advertising selling low absorbtion whey concentrates and other low level protein blends.

The body can only absorb di and tri peptides and has to break down proteins that are not in this form. However, Proto-Whey is the first Protein to contain over 55% di- and tri- peptides.

PROTO-WHEY contains:

Micro-Peptide Profile:

Proto Whey is 100% extreme hydrolyzed whey protein - No inferior or deceptive whole whey isolates, concentrates or soy!

Micro Peptides need no enzymatic breakdown and absorb swiftly and completely as compared to an average 30% absorption for all other protein foods or supplements.

Micronized Fiber:

Only Proto Whey contains SoftPsil., a proprietary process-engineered micronized psyllium fiber. This insures total protein absorption and makes Proto Whey highly effective in reducing cholesterol absorption and increasing colonic health.

Glutamine enhanced:

The addition of L-glutamine (the most abundant form of protein in muscles) improves GI and immune functions and helps preserve muscle mass.

Do not be fooled by Deceptive advertising touting second rate ingredients.

PROTO Whey is ideal for:

Fitness enthusiasts
Those looking to minimze their "meat" intake for a healthier lifestyle while maintaining a healthy protein intake
Brand Name
Proto Whey
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 Days
Minimum Order Quantity
720 units
560 Grams