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About Agarwood, Oud
Agarwood oil, also known as Oud, Aloeswood, Eagleswood Ud, Kiara, etc is an extremely rare and precious oil that originates in North Eastern India, Bhutan and parts of South East Asia, especially Vietnam and Cambodia. Agarwood has a very long history of use as a medicine, incense and as an aromatic oil. In the Bible it is known as aloes or aloeswood. There are several species of Agarwood, the most important species are: Aquilaria agollocha, A. Malaccensis and A. Crassna. Aquilaria malaccensis is endangered and protected worldwide under the CITES convention and A. Crassna is listed as endangered by the Vietnamese government.
The Oud that we carry is from Aquillaria agollocha, and it is plantation grown in Assam, India, which was originally one of the richest areas of naturally occurring agarwood trees. While there are still wild agarwood trees to be found in inaccessible forest regions, they are extremely rare and very difficult to obtain. By purchasing agarwood oil from cultivated trees, we are not doing damage to the last remaining wild agarwood trees, nor to the forests in which the precious agarwood trees grow.
Agarwood trees must be infected by a fungi, prior to producing an oleoresin which saturates the wood. This oleoresin saturated wood is where the mystical fragrance of Oud originates. There are many grades of agarwood, and the highest quality wood is extremely expensive. In fact, the first-grade wood is one of the most expensive natural products in the world, with prices of up to dollar13, 000 per pound (thirteen thousand US dollars per 16 ounces! ) for top quality wood. The essential oil from wild agarwood trees is likewise one of the most expensive oils in the world. The wholesale price for a relatively decent quality oil is around dollar1000 to dollar 1400 per ounce. The finest Oud oil would, of course, be much more expensive.
Please realize that this oil is from cultivated trees, and is not considered a high quality agarwood oil. It is however, a very nice oil at a very affordable price. It is pure and unadulterated, which is more than can be said for much of the agarwood oil or oud that is for sale on the open market.
The Oud CO2 extract that we carry is a very viscous, dark brown oil. It is non-sticky and can be applied directly to the skin (in minute amounts) or can be thinned in jojoba oil or other carrier oil. Agarwood oil may also be mixed into your own essential oil blends. For mixing purposes you will need to gently warm the Oud in a water bath and add it drop by drop to your mixture. Then heat the blend and swish well. With this method our Oud CO2 extract will mix into your essential oil formulas or into carrier oils.