Sell 100% Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

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100% Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
Available in Various Sizes and Colors

This style silk sleeping bag liners is very light, it is only about 120g, so you can take it easy, it take comforter and perfect sleep feel. Let you love life more.

100% silk sleeping bag liner
Material: 100% silk habotai fabric
Available in various sizes and weights
Customized requirements are welcome

Silk is a natural insulator that breathes. A bag liner will add an extra layer of soft and breathable warmth and insulation while you're sleeping.

great for when you're on the move. It's always a good idea to take your own to sleep in wherever you go.

The liners are lightweight at about 5 ounces (160 grams) , and fold up tight in their own little stuff bag. A silk sleeping bag liner is light enough for everyone to carry while traveling or hiking. While you may find other brands lighter than ours, we do not recommend a lighter silk as they do lose strength and will not last. Likewise for mummy liners - there is no real benefit in using a mummy liner to save less than one ounce. A rectangular silk sleeping bag liner is far more versatile and is completely unnoticeable in a mummy bag as the silk is so slick that it moves well with you regardless the size of your sleeping bag. We have found that's best to have a generous sized bag liner for not only maximum comfort, but also maximum longevity - it's too easy to push out the seams of a mummy bag during the early morning stretch

Silk Sleeping Bag Liners technical information

Silk Sleeping Bag Liners allow you to sleep in luxury anywhere and are especially valuable in the tropics where it won't overheat you but still keeps the bugs off.

Please note that not all silk sleeping bag liners are the same. The reason you want silk is for that silky, sensuous feel that only silk has. Some silk sleeping bag liners can be course and heavy textured while other are so light they lose strength and softness. We guarantee ours to be the absolute best. We use the best silk and you will know the difference. An essential item for backpackers, campers and travellers

Pure silk sleeping bag liners are available in blue, green, purple or red. Also covers your pillow (envelope style casing) . Includes silk stuff bag.
It's rectangular but goes nicely in a mummy bag. It only weigh