Sell 100% Spun Polyester(two for one) Sewing Thread

100% Spun Polyester(two for one) Sewing Thread You May Also Be Interested In: 100 spun polyester sewing thread spun polyester
Using the selected polyester fiber with high tenacity and low elongation to spin together a yarn; two or more yarns are twisted by special T. F. O twisters into super high quality sewing thread of any desired size. special finishing processes such as silicone and wax are applied afterwards to improve the sewability. It is widely used in all kinds of fabrics for high quality demand.

We can supply from 20s to 80s with more than 500 colors.

specification:60s/2,50s/2,60s/3,40s/2,50s/3,30s/2,40s/3,30s/3,20s/2,20s/3,20s/4 etc.

Main Export Markets: Europe & Middle east asia Market
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T
Minimum Order: USD3000
FOB Port: Ningbo