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Qualities of NutraThai Virgin Coconut Oil

Heat stability
Its unique structure makes Virgin Coconut Oil a very stable oil.
Virgin Coconut Oil is not damaged easily through heat, light or oxygen and therefore stays largely stable even at higher temperatures.
This makes it ideal for frying, cooking and baking.
Virgin Coconut Oil melts above approximately 260C. It is hard when refrigerated and creamy at room temperature.
You can use NutraThai high quality Virgin Coconut Oil also as a substitute of cream, margarine or butter. It has a wonderful aromatic and mild taste of ripe coconuts.

Alternative for people with cow milk allergies
Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut milk and Coconut meat are a delicious alternative for those who cannot consume milk, cream or butter. Allergies to coconut products are very rare.
Nutritional Science of Coconut Oil

Very easily digestible
The high stability of NutraThai Virgin Coconut Oil is also very valuable for a balanced nutrition. Once digested, no harmful substances to speak of are formed like trans fatty acids or free radicals.
Because of its unique structure it is easy digestible and can be used by the body directly for energy production.
Fatty acids - no matter if saturated or unsaturated - come in different lengths. (Short, medium and long chain fatty acids) The longer they are, the more tedious is their digestion and utilization in the body.
Short and medium chain fatty acids on the contrary can be digested fast and easy. They are transferred from the intestines directly into the blood stream and can be used by the liver straight away for energy production.
Medium chain fatty acids are the predominant part of Virgin Coconut Oil and make it therefore particularly easy to digest.

Lauric Acid
Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which has the additional beneficial function of being formed into mono laurin in the human or animal body.
Mono laurin is the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-protozoal mono glyceride used by the human or animal to destroy lipid coated viruses.
Approximately 50% of the fatty acids in Virgin Coconut Oil are lauric acid.
Fatty Acid Composition of VCO
fatty acidcategoryapprox. content
Lauric acidsaturated, medium chain50%
Capric acidsaturated, medium chain6%
Caprylic acidsaturated, medium chain8%
Myristic acidsaturated, long chain18%
Palmitoleic acidsaturated, long chain8%
Stearic acidsaturated, long chain2%
Oleic acidmonounsaturated, long chain6%
Linoleic acidpolyunsaturated, long chain1%

Coconut Oil and body weight
Fat has of all foods, the most calories, therefore it is said that it contributes substantially to obesity.
If one looks at all the light-products of modern convenient foods and the fat-reduced diets that many people have unsuccessfully tried, we come back to the one main truth:
If someone consumes more calories than they use, they will gain weight in the form of fat.
There are many opinions and also lots of scientific studies on this subject and whether truly the fats are the foods that are the main culprits that lead to obesity, or maybe too many carbohydrates or. . . . ?!
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