Sell 100% cotton grey fabrics

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We are specialized in all kinds of textile exporting such as 100% cotton grey fabrics , polyester/cotton, polyester/rayon , corduroy, big width, household textile and so on . Meanwhile we are the copartner of Weiqiao Group who is the largest textile manufacturer in the world, so we can meet your different needs . you order, we can offer. Our main catalog are as following:
100% cotton grey fabric
CM 60X60 90X88 50/64 CM 60X60 90X88 63/64A/J
CM 40X40 133X72 47 CD 40X40 133X72 482/1
CM 60*60 170*105 69 CM 40X40 120X100 63A/J
CM 24*24 96*64 47 CM 40X40 127X79 654/1
T/C65/35 45x45 110x76 67/63/47 T/C65/35 45X45 88X64 67/63/47
T/C65/35 45x45 96X72 67/63/47 T/CD80/20 45X45 96X72 67/63/47
CVC60/40 45X45 110X76 63/47
T/C50/50 40X40 110X90 118/120/124 CVC30X30 76X68 116/105/98
C30X30 76X68 116/83/75 CM 40X40 120X100 98
CD 40X40 110X70 60 CD 21X21 68X54 60
CD 32X32 90X70 60 CVC45X45 130X80 60
Sleeping Set, Quilt, Quilt Cover Sets, Bedspreads, Bed Linens, Pillows, Curtain, etc.
Hope you will be interested in our product and if you need we can send you our catalog as well as samples . We are known for good quality with competitive price