Sell 100% polyester satin fabric 58/60

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We supply various polyester fabrics:

100% polyester satin, dull satin, bridal satin, spandex satin, charmeuse satin.
Chiffon, spandex chiffon, georgette, taffeta, pongee, organza.
Poly Pongee:50Dx50D 290T; 75Dx75D 240T,210T,190T and others.
Poly Koshibo:75Dx150D
Poly Jordan: single sprayed, Double sprayed.
Taffeta: 170T,180T,190T,210T,230T,290T
Chiffon: 75dx75d; 100dx100d; 125dx125d; 150dx150d
spandex chiffon: 100d+40dx100d+40d
Crepe chiffon: 50dx50d; 75dx75d; 100dx150d
Georgette:75dx75d; 68dx68d
Dobby Georgette: 75dx75d; 100dx100d
Micro fiber: 210T,230T, Plain, 240T,250T Twill, 290T satin
Poly Peach skin: 150Dx150D; 100Dx150D
75dx300d (bridal satin) 50dx50d; 50dx75d; 75dx75d;75dx100d
crepe satin:75dx150d
dull satin: 75dx150d
twist, charmeuse satin: 50dx50d; 50dx75d; 75dx75d
stretch, spandex satin: 50dx75d+40d; 75dx150d+40d

Polyester jersey knitting fabric, polyester yarn dyed fabric.
T/R suiting, rib-stop, Check, chenille, Gabardine.
100% polyester and T/R two way, four-way spandex 58/60

Shirt, t-shirt and polo shirt.

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