Sell 100% pure natural traditional Soapnut Paste

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Natural 100% pure traditional

Soapnut paste
100% pure natural Soapnut paste (Jam form)
100% pure natural traditional soapnut paste without any kind of chemicals, aritifical colours or parabins
Specifications: -
Ingredients: -100% pure natural extracts of soapnuts (ritha)
Variety used:- Sapindus Trifoliatus
Foaming type: -High foaming
Preservatives: -A grade Food preservative Sodium Benzonate of 4gms per kilogram added
Form: -In Jam form.
Colour: -dark deep red chocolate brown colour
Shelf life: -In normal room temperature 1 year from the date of packing,
Certifications:- Nil - made in a traditional way.
This is highly eco friendly and user friendly economic and effective product. Uses: -Used for all general washing purposes, as high foaming deep cleaning natural washing soap/shampoo,
How to use: -Wet the surface with water or dilute the soapnut paste in little water and apply the soapnut paste and work till the desired foaming is necessary. Wash with water throughly

Soapnut paste Uses:-

Cloths wash:-Add 1 to 2 spoon full or as per your requirement of soapnut paste to your washing machine which is an excellent natural detergent powder . Soapnut paste is used to wash delicate woolen, cotton and costly silky clothes. It makes your clothes soft and shinning. Soapnuts maintain colour in laundry for longer than conventional detergents. . There is no need of adding any type of fabric softener or optical whitener or foaming agents or other chemical additives. All common stains are removed from the fabric even though, persistent stains, such as blood, or red wine etc, are more difficult to remove you can add a natural bleaching agent in such cases.

Dish wash/corcokery washing:-
An excellent all round dish washing soap. Soapnut paste is used as an excellent dish washer for glass, steel, copper, ceramic, plastic etc. Just add 1 to 2 spoon full of soapnut powder to a full load of dish washing machine and wash as any other dish washing soap. Soapnut clean your dishes holistically free from grease and germs.

Body wash:-
Take 1 to 2 spoon full of paste or more as per your requirements and wash/rub on your body as any other soaps or you can dilute the paste in little water and use . Used as high skin care product . Soapnut paste not only cleans the body holistically but also keeps skin dieases at bay. Used during skin dieases as a natural soap .

Hair wash:-
Take 3 spoon full of paste or more as per your requirements and wash/rub on your hair till the desired foaming or take 3 spoon full of paste into a bowl and diliute the paste in small quantity of water and use as natural shampoo for cleaning hair . If oil is appiled to your hair your have to wash 2 to 3 times repeatedly till the oil/grease from the hair is washed.

As Pet shampoo:- An excellent body wash for all kind of animals like dogs, cats, horses etc and a real alternative for chemical shampoos . Take the required quantity and dilute with little water and wash and shampoo the pets It keeps the skin of the animal healthy , smooth/shining besides keeping ticks and insects at bay.

Shaving:-Take 2 to 5 gms of paste use this paste like any other shaving cream or you can dilute the paste with little water and have a smooth shaving.

As natural monuments/sculptures wash:-
Washing monuments/sculptures/historical stone carving etc with soapnut paste will removes dirt/dust/grease from the monuments and keeps 100% clean without damaging the monuments.

As tooth paste:-
Take 1 to 2 gms of paste and brush your teeth as any tooth paste. Soapnut keeps teeth/dentures and gums 100% clean and cleans holistically.

Cleaning Floors/water tanks granite stone etc:-
Soapnut paste is an excellent holistic floor/water tank wash which keeps floors /tanks totally clean , alga free and germs free. Take 1 spoon full of paste on to the wet surface or dilute the paste with little water and mop the floor and clean.

Bathroom/Toilet/Sink. tank cleaning:-
A normal size bathroom may require 2 to 3 spoons of paste to clean toilets, floors, tiles etc . Take the paste into a bowl and dilute it with little water and use . It not only cleanses your toilets perfectly but also being a 100% biological and biodegradable, soapnut is an excellent for septic tank drainage systems. The action of soapnut in drains, sewers, rivers and seas assists in the removal of chemical toxins and other poisons.

As General washing natural detergent:-
An excellent all purpose cleaner. Soapnut is used to clean and polishing jewellery, precious metals, , cleaning cars, washing vegetables, pet care and other vehicles, cleaning paint work etc.

Most of us are unaware that many of the fruit and vegetables we buy and eat are grown using quantities of harmful chemicals. Supermarkets also use chemicals to increase their shelf-life, hence their recommendation to wash the produce before use. Scientific test have shown that a ten minute soak in a soapnut solution will remove up to 95% of the surface pesticides and chemical residues.

As emulsifier:- An excellent pesticide. Take 2 spoons of paste and 2 spoons of neem oil or any other herbal oil and mix well with little water and add this soulution to 20 liters of water and spray as natural pesticide. In garden soapnut paste solution mixed with other herbs can be used as a spray to repel and prevent a wide variety of pests and blight, including aphids and blackfly. Fights pests without damaging the plant and without polluting your garden with chemicals.

Note:- The above dosages can be changed according to your requirements. It causes irritation if it gets into the eyes . There is no need of getting panic you just wash your eyes with plain water and the irritation may persists for one day without hurting the eye. In fact eye sight improves.