Sell 1000W DC to AC Power Inverter

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The 1000W power inverter converts low voltage 12V DC (direct current) power to 120V AC (alternating current) household power. This conversion process thereby allows you to use household products, power tools, and other electronic products away from normal AC power sources (standard 120V wall outlets) .
Connecting the Inverter
1. Make sure the ON/OFF of the inverter is in the OFF (O) position.
2. Unscrew the red and black caps from the power input terminals located on the rear of the inverter.
3. Connect the wires to the power input terminals at the rear of the inverter. Make sure to match the negative (BLACK) terminal on the inverter with one wire that connects to the negative terminal on the 12 volt power source. Then repeat this procedure with the positive (RED) terminal connecting a wire to the positive terminal of the 12 volt power source. Make sure you have a good secure connections, but do not over tighten these screws.
4. Locate the Ground Lug Terminal at the rear of the inverter. Run a wire from this terminal to a proper grounding point using the shortest practical length of 8 AWG wire. You can connect this wire to the chassis of your vehicle or to the grounding system in your boat. When in remote locations the ground wire can be connected to the earth (one way to accomplish this is to attach it to a metal rod driven into the ground) . Before connecting the ground, make certain that the inverter is turned off. Operating the inverter without correctly grounding the unit may result in electrical shock.
5. Turn ON (I) the Inverter. The LED Status Light illuminate Green to confirm that power is running to the inverter.
6. Turn OFF (O) the Inverter. The LED Status Light may briefly blink. This is normal. The internal audible alarm may also sound a short chirp. This is also normal.
7. When you have confirmed that the appliance to be operated is turned off, plug the appliance into one of the two 120V AC Outlets on the front panel of the inverter.
8. Turn the inverter on.
9. Turn the appliance on.
1. Continuous power: 1000W
2. Surge Capability (Peak Power) : 2000 WATT
3. Frequency: 60Hz +/2%
4. Overload protection, short protection, and high voltage protection
5. Low voltage audible alarm, low voltage protection and thermal protection
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