Sell 100W DC to AC Power Inverter

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The 100W power inverter converts low voltage 12V DC (direct current) power to 110/120V AC(alternating current) household power. This conversion process thereby allows you to use household products, power tools, and other electronic products away from normal AC power sources (standard 110/120V wall outlets) .
Connecting the Inverter
1. Make sure the ON/OFF power switch located on the top of the can inverter is in the OFF (O) position.
2. Push the inverters cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter outlet in the car.
3. Start up the car DC power and then plug in your electronic equipment.
4. Turn the inverter power switch to the ON position. Then turn the equipment on.
5. Turn the equipment off and then turn the inverter power off.
1. Continuouse power: 100W
2. Over temperature shutdown: > 60 centigrade degree
3. AC output: 110/120 volts, 60Hz
4. DC Input: 12 volts
5. Fuse: 15 amps
6. Waveform: Modified shine wave
Model Number
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C at sight
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FOB H.K or China